MARTIN (2019)
Lost & increasingly disillusioned with the world surrounding him, one man attempts to take control of his life in the only way he can see possible and starts upon a path that will change the course of his future ensuring that it will never be the same again. 
Watch the teaser below.
MARTIN is a short psychological drama about a man who one day when pushed to his absolute limits, decides that enough is enough. No longer content with sitting back and taking whatever everyone throws at him, he attempts to take control of his life in the only way he sees possible. An insight into the mind of a man trying to become a part of something bigger and better, while struggling with his own existence and his desire for recognition at any cost, MARTIN shows us that no matter how insignificant certain actions and the way in which we treat others may seem, the effects and the damage caused can often be irreparable. 
Martin Poster V2.jpg
A few production photos taken by Joseph Lynn
Director | Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy 
Writer | Benedict Elsworthy
Director of Photography | Cristopher Sharman
Sound Designer | Lewis Clark
Production Designer | Sally Somerville-Woodiwis
Make-Up Artist and Designer | Brooke Lee Davies
Editor | Sebastiano Dell'Eva
Starring | Alex Walton
Dianne Persad
Sean Browne
Ellen Patterson
Izevbuwa Amadasun
Jonathan Gould