Behind The Scenes: Hold Still Music Video

This week's behind the scenes at North Harley Films is for the music video production of Hold Still by UK band Silver Locusts. Shot at one location, North Harley Films fully produced the video. The set was fully designed by our team, with cinematography, directing and editing also by the NHF team. The video will be released later in January (we can't wait!), but in the meantime we thought we would share a few stills and behind the scenes from the shoot.

Keeping it orange and teal, because you know, who doesn't love it?! Here is the video's fortune cat as well, hoping it brings us all some more dollar in the new decade! Jokes aside, it was a very fun production, and of course you can tell the tone of the video will be a little silly in parts because it's always better to not take ourselves too seriously and that is what we felt went with the tone of the band.

The set had an intimate feel, keeping the orange tones both in the set but also with a few lamps. This band was a true pleasure to work with and it was great to get to shoot at Nº10 Studio, where we had the chance to get our dolly in action as well.

Excited to release the full video! In the meantime, onwards and upwards with a busy first few months of 2020 to come!

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