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Behind The Scenes | Jess Thristan

This week's behind the scenes at North Harley Films is with artist Jess Thristan and our production for her latest music video. The video, shot between London and Yorkshire, is set in two parallel timelines following a version of the artist from the past and one from the present.

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This music video shoot was quite the marathon for the NHF team spending a couple of months between development and production before three back-to-back non-stop days of shooting, the first in Yorkshire and the second two around five different London location. We were very passionate about the project and truly believed the concept was the right one for the song and the artist, so we were happy to squeeze it all to make it happen the best way we possibly could.


The first day was spent shooting in the Yorkshire countryside, where the majority of one of the narratives took place. We had a great prop for Day I - a 1970 VW Camper sourced and beautifully decorated with vintage props by Nº10 Studio which our team drove up to the location in the early hours of the morning from London.

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We got incredibly luck with a full day of sunshine, which for England is always a pleasant surprise! After a full day, the team drove straight back to London for day II and III.


Day II was split between four locations - starting early and outdoors in a few central London backstreets, the team then moved on to Let It Roll Records in Kentish Town to shoot two separate scenes for the video. Simple but effective set-ups and once again blessed by great weather.

The artist was such a pleasure to work with and incredibly patient on these very long shooting days.

Here is beautifully graded still by our head of post-production and shot by cinematographer Oscar Garth. Sometimes natural light used the right way combined with the right composition is all you need to create stunning visuals.

Day II culminated with an evening shoot at Two Tribes Brewery at Tileyard Studios, with a bar-gig scene with a VFX shot and another scene with that beautiful off-white vintage VW Camper.

The brewery was a great space for the shoot. The team got there just before sunset to cover the outdoor scenes, then moved inside with the extras to finish off the shoot late at night.

Day III was short and sweet, with a beautiful sunrise shoot!

An incredibly positive experience both for the

artist and the NHF team, Jess Thristan's latest single The Old Me has just been released and the music video will be following shortly and premiering on a country music magazine very soon! We can't wait to share it with you.


To finish off, here are some lovely production stills, courtesy of Alex Walton.

And if you haven't listened to it already, check out The Old Me - this beautiful song made our team want to be the ones to make the video as soon as we heard it!



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