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Music: Eivør, The Live Sessions

Behind the scenes about these intimate and unique solo sessions with artist Eivør at one of our Central London locations.

Shot at our location in Harley St, The Eivør London Solo Sessions were a North Harley Films Production (at the time under the name Reprisal Studios) in collaboration with A&G Brands and Sennheiser who recorded and produced the sound. This was the first of many collaborations our team had with the wonderful Eivør.

The songs recorded were all from the artist's latest release, Slør, including the title track, an intimate version of Piece by Piece, as well as Surrender, which comprised have received over 215K views on Youtube. The whole idea was to shoot these sessions intimately, simply, and with a bit of a raw feel which the black and white brought out in the final videos.

You can watch the title track below, and check out the rest of the London Solo Sessions here on our channel!



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