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News | Launch of Nº10 Studio

North Harley Films is an independent production company and so much more. As well as being a platform for up-and-coming talent, we want to offer brands, agencies, producers, creative talent, and plenty more in the entertainment industries different ways to come together. With a lot to come in the next year, one of the first branches of #NorthHarleyFilms which has already launched in 2019 is Nº10 Studio: a unique photographic, filming and event space for hire in W1 London with an exclusive and curated prop rental collection.

Nº10 Studio new photographic, filming and event space in London
Jess Collett photographed by Alex Walton in the Make Up Room at Nº10 Studio

Based at the North Harley Films headquarters, which are spread over three floors and reach almost 3000 square feet in dimensions, Nº10 Studio was conceived with the idea of creating a multifunctional creative space for hire that would be stylish and exclusive, cinematic, as well as well-lit both by day and by night.


Nº10 Studio | Photographic, Filming and Event Space Hire London

We wanted transform our studio into a flexible and uniquely decorated space and make it available for hire because we really think it is such a unique space that inspires a lot of creativity. Every floor is different, with a different energy and style, easily transformed to cater different needs. The first floor is The Parlour on the ground level and it is a great 1000 sq ft open-plan space where our high-end kitchen facilities are also located.

Nº10 Studio | Photographic, Filming and Event Space Hire London

Here, there are plenty of backdrop options and props - from an exposed Victorian brick wall, to a neon light wall and a daylight studio section, the Parlour is a space with already a lot of character and can be easily transformed from a photography studio all the way to a screening room, a boutique gallery space and even a dance-floor.

On the first floor of Nº10 Studio you can find The Red Room and the make-up + dressing room. The floor is around another 800 square feet, but only around 600 are accessible on the hire.

Nº10 Studio | Photographic, Filming and Event Space Hire London

Nº10 Studio | Daylight Studio Hire

The Red Room comes in two set-ups: a more minimal fully-equipped photographic studio with both abundant natural light (if you are seeking a central London daylight studio The Red Room is one to check out) and black-out option, fully equipped with lighting, stands, movable Manfrotto backdrop support system with up to three backdrops at a time, props and more.

Alternatively, for filming and event space hires the room has more of a drawing room feel and the Nº10 team will style it to your preference with the Studio's furniture and props - here hires have so far seen photo-booths, lounge and entertainment areas for events; whereas for filming location hires, the place has been used for a 1960s themed film, as well as for a music video shoot.


Nº10 Studios prop rental collection focuses on what Nº10 does best - vintage, furniture + decor and AV and lighting, lots of cool lighting! With a focus on remaining a boutique prop rental collection, the Nº10 team carefully selects and sources authentic, exclusive original props.

Vintage Classic Car 1970 Chevrolet | Nº10 Studio Prop Rental in London

One of their most exclusive pieces is this American vintage car for hire for photography, film and events - a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. What a piece! We can't wait to hire it for one of our own productions!

All chosen to be mix-and-matched to cater to different styles, have a peak at a few more of the props the Nº10 team has sourced so far for 2019.


Already taking bookings and open for business since March 2019, #Nº10Studio will be having an official launch later in the summer, with already some beautiful work having been shot at the location.

Head over to their website or Instagram to find out more!



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