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Innovative Storytelling Delivered with Passion

With a desire to create a platform for up-and-coming talent with unique visions and powerful stories to tell, North Harley Films is an independent limited production company founded in London by husband and wife filmmaking duo Benedict Elsworthy and Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy.

We are dedicated to creating visually inspiring content and innovative storytelling delivered with passion. Now, what does that mean? In addition to our independent film productions, most of the content we produce is for music and brands, and here at North Harley Films we differentiate ourselves because the most important ingredient we like to bring to the mix is a strong passion for what we do and innovation in our storytelling. We put together a team that will be able to bring to life our client's vision to the highest standard, and at the same time we give that something extra by choosing talent that is also passionate about the story and the brand, because passion is one of the most important ingredients to really bring together innovation, hard-work and creativity within a team to produce content of impact.

Innovative Video Production in the UK | North Harley Films

From helping smaller brands develop a strong visual image, to producing content for larger established brands, we work to the highest standards and being a full-service film production company, we are able to produce that high-standard working with any kind of budget given to us, and that is something we take pride in. We have a selected number of talent, each with diverse and broad reels ranging from documentaries, to feature films and commercial content of different styles, with our main production team developing, supervising and producing all content all the way from beginning to end. We do not choose our talent just based on their experience, we choose our talent based on their storytelling and their work, and give priority to talent whose voice we find unique in order to ensure diversity throughout.


Our Productions

Whether working on location outdoors or indoors, or having to build a set from scratch in the studio, the range of productions at North Harley Films varies from commercial video campaigns and brand films to music videos and documentaries. We are based in London, UK and produce our work internationally.

With a central London studio location already at our disposal including equipment, props, a book of selected locations and suppliers for different productions and much more, our team easily caters to different needs and sources locations, equipment and everything else needed to fit different budgets.

In order from top to bottom, a production still from a film shoot at The Vaults and a still at Let It Roll Records from one of our latest music video productions for singer-songwriter Jess Thristan.


Below are a few more stills and behind the scenes photos from some of the best work we have produced over the years, from UK to Italy and the US.



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