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Premiere | The Old Me - Jess Thristan

We are very excited to announce the premiere of our latest music video production for the wonderful Jess Thristan's latest single The Old Me on CountryLine TV. It's her birthday as well today, could the timing be more perfect??

The track was released last week and here at NHF headquarters it's been playing on repeat since. You can buy the song on Amazon Music or Apple Music and of course, listen to it on Spotify. It's such a catchy country-pop track, perfect for the summer!

The music video will be premiering TODAY on CountryLine TV, and we really cannot wait! A narrative music video, it was fully developed and produced by the North Harley Films team earlier in the spring and and shot over the course of three days in May between London and Yorkshire near the artist's home town. Written by our Head of Development Benedict Elsworthy, directed by our female director Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy and edited by our Head of Post-Production Sebastiano Dell'eva, with lovely cinematography by Oscar Garth.

Here is what the artist had to say about the release!

To watch the official CountryLine TV Premiere, you can sign up for free and watch the video HERE, or click on the link below! The music video has also been released on Youtube & Apple Music today on Jess Thristan's channel and you can also watch it on the North Harley Films channel. It will be featured in some excited places in the coming weeks and we really can't wait to share the news.

Check out #TheOldMe below and save your song to your summer playlist! We hope you enjoy it :-)



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