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Tell Tale Signs at 18th LA Indie Film Festival

Tell Tale Signs, a short coming-of-age film by female director Ginevra Gentili, has been officially selected for the 18th edition of LA Indie Film Fest. This is very exciting news here at North Harley Films and we cannot wait for the screening in Los Angeles which will be held LIVE...yay!!! The date is to be confirmed due the ongoing pandemic, but we are so thrilled that this festival has chosen to wait and still hold the actual event.

Tell Tale Signs has now won a total of 25 awards so far and received 29 nominations, including Best Indie Short, Best Drama, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Original Story. The film continues to gain international recognition and will be finishing its run in Los Angeles prior to prepping for its international online release.

Watch the teaser below and find more about the 18th LA Indie Film Fest HERE



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